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We firmly believe that trading is the cornerstone of a high‑quality life. There will be a never‑ending need for products and services to commerce and maximize its full potential.

We engage in the sales of needle textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities, stationery, sporting goods, furniture, electronic products, building materials, metal materials, chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals and a class of toxic chemicals), metal transport (excluding electric bicycles), machinery and equipment, lubricants, etc.

Beijing Shenglafei International Trade Co., Ltd is committed to providing the highest quality products and services exceeding our client’s expectations. We shall continue to expand in facilities and engage in training and certification programs to further serve customers with the utmost excellence and professionalism.

Customers: As a dependable and reliable distributor of products and services. As a proactive company capable of competing in all facets of the marketplace through constant improvement and innovation. As a family‑owned business that satisfies customers with easy and hassle‑free transactions.

Suppliers: As a creative, experienced and top seller of products in the industry. As a company who appreciates and recognizes that sustainable partnerships are essential to the company’s success.

Employees: As an employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees. As an innovative and technologically upfront company that ensures employee competence and advancement. As an employer who guarantees a safe working environment.


Frequently asked questions

What does your international trade company specialize in?

Our international trade company specializes in facilitating seamless global commerce, connecting businesses and optimizing trade relationships across various industries and markets.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your products?

We ensure the quality and safety of our products through meticulous quality control measures, rigorous testing, adherence to industry standards, and collaboration with certified suppliers, all aimed at delivering products that meet the highest standards of excellence and safety.

What regions or countries does your international trade company operate in?

Our international trade company operates across a wide spectrum of regions and countries, spanning North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond, fostering extensive global connections and trade opportunities.

What steps do you take to facilitate smooth international transactions?

We facilitate smooth international transactions by offering secure online payment options, navigating customs and regulatory requirements, employing experienced logistics partners, and providing expert guidance at every stage to ensure seamless and efficient cross-border trade.


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Sumailah Abdul Malik

Founder & CEO
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Zhao Jia (Kathy)

Asia Regional Consultant
Mobile: +86 13511020395

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